It is every churches delight to welcome new members into the fold.  If you want to know what Baptism is all about then i suggest you follow this link here, Christian Initiation in the Church of England

At St. Wilfrid's Baptism usually takes place at 12 p.m. outside of the normal Sunday services.

Babies and infants are baptised on the understanding that they will be brought up as Christian within the family of the Church.  It is expected that their parents will seek to encourage them, through prayer and example, to trust in God and to try and walk in the way of Jesus.

To assist both the child and the parents it is normal for the parents to ask for the assistance of Godparents.  Godparents need to be aged over 16, they have to have been baptised and they should be active and committed Christians themselves.

It is not necessary for to parents live in Mobberley but it is preferable to be abel to evidence some connection with the church here.

If you would like to explore the possibility of getting your child baptised at St. Wilfrid's please call 01565 873890.


Preparing for a funeral is always difficult.  At a time when you don’t feel like making any decisions you are having to make some very important ones.  Here are four things that might help at this critical time -

The assistance offered by Funeral Directors is invaluable.  When you have been bereaved contact your Funeral Director as soon as possible.  Among other things the Funeral Director will address your choice of options including  church/chapel and clergy to conduct the funeral. 

Secondly it is important that the funeral is relevant to the deceased, you, your family and friends.  The more that can be done to make the service personal the better.

Thirdly, all funerals are painful.  You are grieving the loss of someone very close to you and, whilst that grief may be tempered by thanksgiving and hope, funerals are sad occasions.  Denying or ignoring this simple fact will not make the grief go away.  It needs to be faced and addressed.

Finally, we are physical creatures.  It is a mistake to presume that we can separate the physical from the mental and spiritual, therefore what we do can be as important as what we think, believe or pray.  In life we express our love, sadness and thanksgiving through actions, we should be able to do the same in death also.


 At St. wilfrid's Church we have two graveyards, the old and the new.  There now no further burial plots in the old graveyard which is adjacent to the church building although it is of course possible to reopen family graves for burials of bodies or ashes.

The land for the new graveyard is leased from the National Trust.  It is open to people of all faiths and none, however for a person to be buried there they do have to be Mobberley residents or have lived in the village and left solely for the purpose of receiving medical or nursing care.  The only exceptions to this rule are people who have attended and been on the electoral roll of the Parish Church for many years.

The same is true for the small Garden of Remembrance, for the burial of ashes, which is within the new graveyard.