Centenary Commemoration

On the 22nd September a special service was held at St. Wilfrid's commemorating the men of Mobberley who answered their country's call to fight in the 1st World War.  During the service the Roll of Honour was read and the graves of those men who returned and who are buried in Mobberley graveyard were marked with a poppy.  Here are reminders of that day.

"We have gathered in this church today to remember all those from this community who were caught up in the courageous but tragic events of the First World War.  We remember those who fought, returned and who are buried in this place.  We remember also the bereaved, the lost, the families which were shattered, the wounded, maimed and injured, and those who held in silence unspeakable memories of warfare."

copyright Rev. Ian Blay

Remember, Lord, those whose stories were unspoken and untold.
Jesus, remember them when you come into your kingdom.

Remember, Lord, those whose minds were darkened and disturbed by memories of war.
Jesus, remember them when you come into your kingdom.

Remember, Lord, those who suffered in silence, and those whose bodies were disfigured by injury and pain.
Jesus, remember them when you come into your kingdom.

copyright Rev. Ian Blay                                                               copyright Rev. Ian Blay

"Today we recall those men who fought and survived, and the children of Mobberley School will be marking the graves of those buried here with one of these poppies as a tribute to their courage, their faithfulness and their fortitude."

The Last Post is played.

The Roll of Honour is read.

The Reveille is played.

copyright Ailsa Bee                                                                                                                   copyright Ailsa Bee 


 copyright Ailsa Bee  

                                                                                      copyright Ian Blay

copyright Ian Blay

The poppies remained in place until Remembrance Sunday when, after the service, they were removed and placed around the memorial soldier outside the Victory Hall, which is itself a World War 1 memorial.

copyright Penny Goostrey                                                                                             copyright Moberley Parish Council

Words taken from the Remembrance Sunday memorial sheet -

This year marks the centenary of the armistice that brought to an end 4 years of bloodshed that we sadly now refer to as the First World War.  Although fought on many fronts it is the Western Front that has come to symbolise the horror and futility of this conflict.

It was on that front that so many of the men of Mobberley fought and where so many died.  The latter are remembered every Remembrance Sunday but in this especially poignant year we wanted to remember all those Mobberley men who responded to their country’s call, who faced the same fears, the same dangers but who, by the grace of God, were able to return to these shores.

On the 22nd September a special service was held at Mobberley Parish Church to remember and give thanks for all these men.  The Roll of Honour was read out and the graves of those men buried here at St. Wilfrid’s were marked with a poppy.

The sight of the poppies is both moving and beautiful and rather than being symbols of lives lost they are symbols of lives lived.  These poppies are a reminder that even in the midst of death we are in life.  Today we give thanks for the lives of all who served and we commit ourselves to preserving the liberties, and maintaining the peace, for which they gave so much.

copyright Penny Goostrey

Thank you to Ailsa Bee, Penny Goostrey and Mobberley Parish Council for permission to use the above photographs.  If any are wrongly credited please contact the Rector.


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