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Dear Friends,

It is said that of the five senses we are commonly said to have the most immediately evocative, and the one most closely linked to memory, is our sense of smell.  No one is quite sure why.  It has been suggested that smell acted as an ‘early warning’ system and was closely associated with our ‘fight or flight’ response, so an instant response to certain smells was incredibly useful.  

Many people speak to me of how much they enjoy the smell of the newly mown grass in the graveyard, which speaks to them so much of summer.  I get that, but even stronger for me are the smells that quietly whisper of autumn, wood fires, mulchy leaf piles and, even though I am told it isn’t possible, the crisp smell of the first of the autumnal frosts.  Autumn is my favourite month of the year, dating back to when I was a child walking to and from school along tree-lined roads, collecting conkers, sycamore helicopters and kicking up piles of leaves. 

It may seem slightly odd to so like a season that seems to be associated with things ending and with things dying off, but in truth it is only a matter of perspective.  Someone once told me, and I don’t know if it is true, that what causes the leaves to fall from the trees is the new growth beneath that pushes the stem off the branch.  I suspect this might be correct because if you cut a leafy branch off a tree the leaves wither and turn brown but stay attached to the branch.

When we celebrate harvest, as we do this month of October, we celebrate the bringing in of the crops; giving thanks for God’s gracious bounty and also the work of farmers, agricultural workers and all who grow and rear our food.  In addition, however, we also recognise that in the harvest is the, literal, seeds of next year’s growth. 

Harvest isn’t the end of anything but is, rather, in a continuous, unbroken, line of activity with one thing leading on to the next.  The seasons are not so much the turning of a wheel, where one might at least imagine there to be a beginning and an end point, but more like the ebb and flow of the tide, a process that is at one and the same time dynamic and yet also unchanging.  So, strangely, it is in the cycle, the ebb and flow of change, that we see the constancy of God who promised to Noah many eons ago,  “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”  Genesis 8:22

Yours in Christ,


Harvest Festival  


There are lots of ways in which, by giving just a little time and effort, you can help make this our best Harvest celebration ever.

Harvest Decorations

There are three times in the year when the church is fully decorated and one of those times is harvest.  Alongside the corn decorations we, of course, have the beautiful, autumnal coloured, flower arrangements.  If you can assist in producing any kind of harvest display, floral or otherwise, then please put your name on the list in church, for more information or advice please speak to Liz Bridgford, her number is on the back of this magazine.  The church will be decorated for harvest on Friday 4th October from 9.00 a.m.

Harvest Supper

Our annual Harvest Supper will take place at the Cricket Club on Friday 4th October at 7.30 p.m.  This is a great and very friendly occasion and is followed by a quiz.  Tickets cost £10 for adults and £5 for children, we will enjoy a traditional hot-pot supper and there will be a bar.  Tickets on sale now.

Harvest Refreshments

The church will be open for visitors on Saturday 5th October between 10.00 and 4.00 and on Sunday 6th October between 1.00 and 4.00. During these times refreshments will be served.  If you are able to help by baking and donating cakes or biscuits and in serving refreshments please contact Jean 873890.

Harvest Flowers

It has been our custom to send a gift of Harvest flowers to people around the parish.  If there is anybody you know who might appreciate a bunch of flowers please put their name and address down on the list in church, or contact the Rector.  Please remember also to bring a bunch of flowers with you to any of our Harvest services.

Harvest Services

Our 10 a.m. service is a traditional Harvest Communion service where we “raise the song of Harvest Home” and give thanks to God for the skills and labour of those who produce the food we eat and of course give thanks and praise to Him for the bounty we enjoy.  Our 6.30 p.m. service has established itself over the years as a firm favourite, a mix of readings both sacred and secular alongside a selection of rousing Harvest and Creation hymns.  Come along to any of our Harvest services and why not invite a neighbour or friend, they won’t be disappointed.


Please don’t forget that Saturday 5th October is our Gift Day.  On this day we encourage members of the congregation, and others, to make a one-off Thank Offering for all that God has given them over the last year. This could be the birth of a child or grandchild, a special birthday or anniversary, the resolution of a long-standing problem.

The Rector and Churchwardens will be around all day to receive your gift and those in the envelope scheme will find a special Gift Day envelope at the back of their envelope boxes to use on this occasion.  Please do give generously towards the work of Christ’s church in this place.

As well as our Gift Day we also encourage everyone, and particularly those who give by direct debit, to take the time now to review the amount you give to the church and, if possible, to increase it.  Although inflation is relatively low some of our main items of expenditure, the Parish Share, gas and our insurance, have risen considerably so please do take a few moments to review your giving.

Friends of St. Wilfrid's

The Friends of St. Wilfrid’s is an independent charity which works with the PCC maintain, improve and beautify the church building.It provides invaluable support and will be much needed in this year especially as we receive our Quinquennial inspection report.

The Friends are only able to offer this support due to the keen interest of it’s members who serve on the Management Committee and assist in raising funds.Speaking of which, the last event was a Marquee Lunch on the 19th May which raised over £1300 so thank you to everybody involved and particularly to the Morts for hosting it.In the last year the Friends Chairman and Secretary have both stepped down and will need to be replaced.

The Friends of St. Wilfrid’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday 17th November at 11.30 a.m.

Thank you for being a Friend

Messy Church

Plans are well in hand for our September Messy Church, which almost always takes place the same weekend this magazine comes out which means we are always reporting over a month behind and looking forward to a month ahead!  

October is the month of Hallowe’en but rather than being scared of the dark we want the children to be able to rejoice in the light, so we are following a theme taken from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians chapter 6.  Come and join us to find out more.

October Messy Church
‘God’s Armour of Light’
Saturday 28th September at 10 a.m.

The Rajar


The Good Graveyard Guide

Many people over the years have passed comment on how well maintained the graveyard at St. Wilfrid’s is, but to keep it in that condition we do need visitors to the graveyard to stick to a few basic guidelines -

  • Please do not place anything ceramic or glass on the graves.  These can easily break leaving sharp fragments which are a danger to visitors to the graveyard and those who maintain it.
  • The new graveyard is a lawn cemetery, please do not place any vases, tubs or stone/slate chippings on the graves.  These make cutting the grass very difficult.  All flower should be placed in the built-in spaces in the plinths.
  • Please do not plants flowers, shrubs or bushes as these, again, make maintenance very difficult.
  • Please do not throw any debris, organic or otherwise, over the graveyard wall or fence into the adjacent field.  The field has livestock on it and such debris can be dangerous, and even life threatening, to the animals.  Please remove all rubbish and dispose of it properly.

By following these simple guidelines we can all do our part in keeping the graveyard beautiful and safe for everybody.  Thank you.

St. Wilfrid's Jumble Sale


The heading says it all, thank you -

To everyone who donated their items.
To everyone who helped transport the loads.
o everyone who helped set up and man the tables.
To our tea, coffee and sandwich makers and servers.

And to anyone else we have missed, we say a really BIG THANK YOU from us all at Saint Wilfrids Church.

We would also like to personally thank Tom and his family for letting us store everything on his property.

With everyone’s help we have been able to raise just over £850 at the jumble sale which will go towards the funding of our Messy Church and help towards other church costs.  Once again thank you so much for all your support.

John & Jo-ann Hennerley


Lesson Readers

Firstly, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to those who read our lessons in church.  It is a great boost to our services and I, for one, feel it is a great privilege to announce God’s word to fellow worshippers.

Following on from that I would like to invite anyone who has a hankering to read, for whichever of our services you would normally attend, then do come and have a word with me at any time. I intend to issue the next set of rotas at the beginning of November, so please give me time to incorporate you into the lists.

Ann Grainger


The Appointment of Next Bishop of Chester

The Diocese has been inviting feedback from individuals, parishes and Deaneries regarding the qualities that would be desirable in a new Diocesan Bishop and the Diocesan Vacancy in See committee has met to begin producing a Diocesan ‘Statement of Needs’.  At the same time the Crown Nominations Commission has sent representatives to hold a series of consultations with interested parties.  

As you might imagine this all takes a very long time but at least the wheels have begun to turn.

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